About Pavel Guzhikov

Hi. My name is Pavel Guzhikov.
I'm entrepreneur, founder and CEO.


Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

About me

2022 – Magician at Uzum / uzum.com

2019 – Co-founder and CEO at "Деньги Вперед" ("Dengi vpered") – first and biggest earned-wage access product in CIS turning into new-wave neobank.

2016-2019 – Founder and CEO of HRtech product and job classified "Worki".
Top growing SaaS-enabled job classified in Russia 2017-2020. Sold to VK in 2019.
ML-enabled solutions to perfectly execute performance and OOH marketing, best funnels on the market, best technology and operations teams in CIS.

2012-2018 – Managing Partner of Hint Solutions, one of the first mobile development studios in Russia.

2010 – Founder and CEO of fintech company Bongo Research & Development. We were the first to develop practical fintech and quality products for financial institutions in Russia. Launched innovative solutions for more than 100 banks in CIS. Helped many non-financial companies go online.

2008-2010 – moved classical radio to the internet in Gazprom Media

2005-2008 – multi-channel messenger City Chat, Whatsapp predecessor.


Telegram: @xternal
Mail: xternalp[at]gmail.com


Mostly in russian language.



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